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Getting involved in Council governance and committees gives you a direct opportunity to help make a better Gwinnett!


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Community Council

Standing Committees


Develops recruitment strategies and welcomes visitors and members. Compiles information on the resources of each member and publishes the directory.

Public Relations

Informs the community about the networking opportunities provided by CCGC, raises public awareness of available resources and ensures community awareness of CCGC activities.


Collaborates with county agencies and businesses to educate the council members and visiting agencies. Assists in selecting and securing guests speakers for monthly meetings.

Agency Networking

Identifies gaps in the health, welfare, and educational needs in the Gwinnett community and works to find solutions through CCGC. Hosts the Agency Networking Fair annually in the fall.

Each committee is headed by a chairperson appointed by the president and confirmed by membership. Committee membership is open to and encouraged for all Council members in good standing.

Community Council

Governing Board


The president is the chief executive officer of the Council and presides at all meetings. The president also has the authority to appoint committees as deemed necessary.

Vice President

The vice president assists the president in performing his/her duties and presides at meetings in the absence of the president. The vice president oversees annual events such as the holiday luncheon and past president’s lunch.


The secretary maintains the records of the Council, recording the minutes of monthly meetings and providing these to all paid members. The secretary is responsible for member-facing communications regarding Council events and email forwarding of member flyers and announcements.


The treasurer is responsible for the administration of the financial and business affairs of the Council and keeps accurate records of all financial transactions. The treasurer also ensures the completion of an annual audit of the books by outside parties.

Officers are elected from membership to serve a period of one year. An individual may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms in the same office.